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Some of the most commonly requested technical services that we offer for all devices.

New Computer / Device Setup

Data Transfer

Purchased a new device and need to transfer your files, emails and photos to the new device safely without loosing anything? Our technician can help with a trouble free transfer of the data that you want to keep.

Phone – $49
iPad / Tablet – $49
Computer – $149

Note: Price includes data transfer only. For an additional $50 we can help with setting up emails, passwords and application functionality. 

Training / Assistance

Purchased a new device but unsure how to get the most out of it? We can help you get started with sending and receiving emails, browsing the web, using social media and more.

30 Mins – $79
1 Hour – $149

New Computer Setup

Ensure that getting started with your new computer is simple and straightforward. The New Computer Setup means one of our technicians will take care of software updates, installing purchased software and email account setup (data transfer separate). You just need to hit the go button.

New Computer Setup – $149

Repairs and Damage Troubleshooting

Device Inspection / Assessment

Is your device no longer working but don’t know what the issue is? Our technicians will carry out an assessment to determine the cause of the issue and give you an accurate quote for the cost of repair (if needed).

External Hard Drive – $49
Phone – $49
iPad / Tablet – $49
Computer – $79
Drone – $99

Liquid Damage Treatment

Has your device been exposed to liquid / moisture or humidity of some kind? A technician will dissemble the device and using an ultrasonic machine – remove any remaining moisture from internal components). Much more effective than rice!

Prices starting from:
Phone – $90
iPad / Tablet – $140
Computer – $140

Data Recovery

Has your device containing important photos, documents or music stopped working? We can often help to recover these files and folders from phones, laptops, tablets and external hard drives.

Prices starting from:
External Hard Drive – $89
Phone – $89
iPad / Tablet – $149
Computer – $149

Insurance Assessment / Report

Had an accident with your device? We can complete an insurance report on behalf of your insurance company to help get you back online as quickly as possible. The report covers both repair and replacement options.

Assessment / report only – $139
Data backup and assessment / report – $199

Device Service / Preventative Maintenance

Device W.O.F

In the same way as your car needs ongoing check-ups and maintenance, so does you device. Preventative maintenance can ensure that you don’t get caught out without your device when you need it most. A technician will carry out a series of tests to ensure that your device is running optimally.

Phone – $49
Computer – $79
Drone – $99

Device Service / System Clean

Is you device not running like it used to? Are simple tasks such as opening apps or documents taking longer than they should? Our technicians will carry out a service / system clean to help restore the performance of your device to its former glory.

Device Service / System Clean – $149

Software / Operating System Update (Windows and Mac)

Software is constantly updated with important security updates that keep you safe online. Unsure if you are up to date? A technician will take care of everything necessary to ensure that you have the latest software installed and up to date (data backup sperate).

Update only – $139
Update and data backup – $199 

Virus and Malware Removal

Is your device behaving unusually? Do you suspect that your security has been compromised? Our technician can carry out a series of tests and scans to ensure that any threats are removed and your device is secure.

Price – $149  

Tech Support – You Come to Mac Ops

Technical Support

For all your other technical support needs with your computer, phone or iPad / Tablet. Bring your device to us and one of our technicians will provide the assistance / advice that you need.

30 Mins – $79
1 Hour – $149

Callouts – We Come to You

Callout for Tech Support

We can come to you to help with anything from Wi-Fi (wireless) setup, cloud computing (e.g. google drive), email troubleshooting, hardware install through to general software troubleshooting and more.

Per Hour – $180

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The team at Mac Ops are brilliant. Diego’s service went above and beyond expectation. The team performed diagnostic tests on my laptop free of charge, spent 15 minutes discussing my options to solve an issue, gave super advice to source cheaper and more long-term solutions, and were generally extremely helpful, patient and honest. I can’t recommend them enough.
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