Computer Rental in Queenstown



Mac Ops is pleased to offer hire, rental and or lease options to the Queenstown region. We understand that sometimes purchasing a new computer or monitor is not a viable option and a short-term requirement of a device is all you need. We can help!

Mac Ops rental and hire options may suit if you are wanting to reduce any capital expenditure or need a short-term rental. Perfect for a holiday work, conference, film shoot, work event or tour.
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Get a device you can trust

When you use our laptops we make it easy by ensuring the device has been checked, works well and has the latest software updates.


Data Transfer

We can also transfer files from your own device to the Mac Ops device to make your transition to our hardware faster and more efficient for you.


Terms and Conditions

Mac Ops has the right to decline any person from a rental product if they do not agree with and are not able to provide the following requirements: Mac Ops will charge the customer in advance of their rental for an agreed period. The customer will take responsibility for the device while under the rental period and agree to pay Mac Ops the market value for a repair needed and or replacement device if the Mac Ops device is damaged in anyway while under the care of the customer. Mac Ops will require the customer / renter to provide a copy of identification ( License / Passport) and a scanned copy of their credit card for security.