Frequently Asked Questions

Is the repair guaranteed?
Our repairs include a 1 month guarantee.
What if I don’t know what’s wrong with my phone, iPad, or MacBook?
We offer an assessment fee. This can then be used as credit against the repair.
I need a quote for insurance - is my device worth fixing?
We offer an insurance assessment service. The assessment includes all the relevant paperwork for the insurance company, and any follow-up questions they might have. The insurance company will normally refund you for this fee.
Will I lose my phone data? Can I prevent this?
While you are unlikely to lose any data, we do recommend that you backup your phone, iPad or computer, before bringing or sending it to us. For your Apple phone or tablet we recommend using iTunes to backup, and for Mac computers we recommend using Time Machine.
Do you need my lock code? What about my privacy?
Yes, we need the passcode or password for pre-work and post-work testing. Unless we are performing a system upgrade or transfer we do not backup your data, and we never look through your files unless specifically requested to. If there is any sensitive information on your device, you are welcome to remove it beforehand.
How long does a repair normally take? I’m in a rush, what’s the quickest?
Most phone repairs take no longer than 1 hour. Sometimes we get many repairs at the same time, and this can increase the time it takes. If a 1-hour repair is crucial to you, please phone (03) 428 2911 to book it in.
Why should I use Mac Ops?
We have years of experience. We keep a huge selection of parts for repairs in stock. We can offer a very fast turn around. We have pride in our work, and offer a limited warranty on all work. We know what we are talking about and will offer you the best advice.


Courier Repairs

What’s the process for courier repairs?
1. Purchase repair 2. Pay online 3. Package phone including job number and return address then courier to us.
How long does it take?
We return with ‘next-day-delivery’ the day we receive it.
What if I don’t know what’s wrong with my phone, iPad, or MacBook?
We offer an assessment fee. This can then be used as credit against the repair.
I need my phone back asap! Can I get an express fix?
We know how important your phone is to you. Because of this all repairs are express. We will always do our best to get your phone back asap.
What happens if something goes wrong?
We cover any costs incurred by mistakes that Mac Ops make. Mistakes from us are very rare so this is not usually a worry. We don’t cover data loss – Mac Ops takes the utmost care when handling repairs and if your data or information is lost it will be out of our control.
Does the free return shipping include free to Rural addresses? How long should Rural take?
Yes, our free return shipping includes rural delivery. Delivery times are solely dependent on the courier company. We recommend allowing an extra day for rural delivery.
Can you ship to PO BOX addresses?
Is the repair tracked? What if it goes missing?
Yes. If it goes missing or does not arrive within the expected time frame, you should phone the courier company with the tracking number.
How do I stop my phone, iPad MacBook getting damaged in transport? Who’s liable for this?
Ensure it is packaged properly. The courier company insures its tracked items but only if it is packed well in the first place and pending their terms and conditions.

As we are independent it is important to understand that by working on your device we will void any remaining manufacturer’s warranty.
If your device is under warranty then we recommend contacting the manufacturer first.
If your device is produced by Apple you can check your warranty status at: