We are in central Queenstown

We are located at 45 Camp Street, central Queenstown. 
Come on in, get a drone and go have some fun out there.

Drone experts available

Need help setting things up? Something not working the way you thought?
We have expert pilots on site ready to help you to have a great experience flying your drone.

Ready to see New Zealand from a bird's eye view?

Flying a drone can be a very enjoyable experience, capturing amazing footage, especially if you have a capable drone that is easy to fly. 


Not sure about drone laws in New Zealand?

Flying drones is fun and it’s something more and more of us are doing. But your drone is an aircraft, which makes you a pilot. As a pilot, you must follow New Zealand Civil Aviation Rules. These help ensure you fly your drone considerately and responsibly, while still allowing you to have a good time. 

Click here to find out more information about drone laws in New Zeland.

Terms and Conditions

Mac Ops has the right to decline any person from a rental product if they do not agree with and are not able to provide the following requirements: Mac Ops will charge the customer in advance of their rental for an agreed period. The customer will take responsibility for the device while under the rental period and agree to pay Mac Ops the market value for a repair needed and or replacement device if the Mac Ops device is damaged in anyway while under the care of the customer. Mac Ops will require the customer / renter to provide a copy of identification ( License / Passport) and a scanned copy of their credit card for security.
Pilot is not included in the rental.