iPhone Back Glass Replacement

Replace cracked or broken Back Glass on your iPhone, Samsung, Huawei etc.

Mac Ops are experts in iPhone back glass replacement as well as back glass replacement for most phone brands – including Samsung and Huawei.

We use specialised back glass laser removal technology to achieve optimal results and avoid damage to sensitive components in the phone.

With our send in service, you can send us your device from anywhere in the country! Hit the button below.

iPhone Back Glass Replacement Cost

 iPhone 12 Series – $250 – $275

 iPhone 11 Pro Max – $275

iPhone 11 Pro – $250

iPhone 11 – $220

iPhone XS Max – $220

iPhone XR – $180

iPhone XS – $150

iPhone X – $150

iPhone 8 Plus – $150

iPhone 8 – $120


Note: If you do not see your phone in the list above, please contact us for a quote! We can also replace the back glass on Samsung and Huawei phones etc.

Watch us replace the Back Glass on an iPhone 8

How we replace the Back Glass

Here in our Queenstown workshop, we operate a specialised laser machine that cuts through the glue holding the glass to the frame of the phone.  The machine cuts to a template, specific to the model of the phone. The precise template is important, as it prevents damage to any of the sensitive cables or components such as the wireless charging coil, which is attached directly to the rear glass of the phone.

The remaining broken glass is then carefully and gently seperated from the frame of the phone, ribbon cables and other components.

The new back glass is then installed and glued in place. After the glue cures, the back of your phone will look like new and is ready to go!

Note: The removal and installation process usually takes approximately 3 hours.

As always at MacOps…. efficient professional service. An excellent result, the phone looks brand new.
Highly recommend this team.
Simone Hart

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