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GoPro Hero 7 Black or DJI Osmo Action?


The DJI Osmo Action battle with the GoPro Hero 7 Black is extremely close – so close, that it’s difficult to pick an outright winner.

Still, there are slight differences that’ll sway you one way or the other. The Osmo Action has four advantages – its vlogging-friendly front screen, the greater flexibility of its manual mode and the fact that it’s the most user-friendly action cam around.

But it’s not an obviously superior action camera to the GoPro Hero 7 Black, and the latter fights back with two wins of its own. These include a livestreaming mode and better companion apps.

With video quality and stabilisation largely on a par, your decision between the two will likely come down to which of these added features you prefer.


Accessories Available for Rent

Pick two accessories


$10 Single Charge

– Monopod
– Flexible Tripod
– Chest Body Strap
– Elastic Adjustable Head Strap
– J-Hook Buckle
– Plastic Spanner
– Bicycle Roll Bar with three-way arm
– 360 Degree Rotation Wrist Mount
– Buckle Mount
– 360 degree Rotary Fast Release Clamp
– Suction Cup
– Helmet Strap Mount
– Floaty Sponge
– Floaty Bobber with Strap and Screw
– Belt for Gopro Camera Remote
– Extra battery
– Charging Hub 
– Curved and Flat Surface Mounts

* $10 single charge means that you can use the accessories you picked for the same period of time you are renting the action camera.

** Adhesive mounts cost $5 each and have to be purchased

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Terms and Conditions

Mac Ops has the right to decline any person from a rental product if they do not agree with and are not able to provide the following requirements: Mac Ops will charge the customer in advance of their rental for an agreed period. The customer will take responsibility for the device while under the rental period and agree to pay Mac Ops the market value for a repair needed and or replacement device if the Mac Ops device is damaged in anyway while under the care of the customer. Mac Ops will require the customer / renter to provide a copy of identification ( License / Passport) and a scanned copy of their credit card for security.
Pilot is not included in the rental.