Team Viewer Download

Download a free copy of this remote connection software.

This will allow you and your Mac Ops technician to connect remotely and securely to help resolve the issues.

If you don’t have team viewer on your device please use this link below to download it for free.

We do charge for Technical Support – and find using Team Viewer a cost effective way to help customers without coming to your location and or you bringing your device to us.

If after the team viewer call we find we have not been able to resolve the issue, we may need to have the device brought into Mac Ops for further assessment and work.

We look forward to helping you.

Technical Support Charges

  • 30 Mins = $70 (minimum charge)
  • 60 Mins = $130
  • Additional 15 minutes are $30 per block of time.

* Prices include GST. First 30 mins is a minimum charge. *