Logic Board Repair & Micro Soldering

For Phones, Laptops, Desktops, Gaming Consoles etc.

Mac Ops specialise in logic board repair. This service is often required when all other options have been exhausted. We can often repair devices that other shops have been unable to – including liquid damaged devices.

This service is offered for a range of devices including phones, laptops, iPads / tablets and desktops. We offer repair for all common device brands.

In addition, we provide micro soldering repairs such as replacing micro USB charging ports for Playstation and Xbox, USB ports, HDMI plug replacement as well as Bluetooth speaker charging ports for JBL etc.

Common Logic Board Issues

Water damage

Phone does not function at all or not working properly after contact with liquid.

Touch not working

Works intermittently or not at all – despite screen turning on.

Shuts down randomly

Perhaps after a certain period of time or intermittently.

No audio when calling

listener cannot hear you, voice memos greyed out, Intermittent static, cannot play music or use loudspeaker.

Phone stuck on apple logo

Will not boot – might be cycling Apple logo.

Keeps restarting

Either randomly or stuck constantly restarting.

WiFi issue

Unable to connect to WiFi network or signal weak.

Not finding cellular network

Cannot connect to network provider e.g. Spark, 2degrees, Vodafone etc.

Bluetooth issue

Bluetooth on/off button greyed out or signal weak.

Keyboard not working

Entire keyboard or specific keys not working.

Not turning on

Will not turn on (showing no signs of life) or will not stay on.

Screen showing lines

Usually coloured and horizontal.

Not charging

Either charging slowly or not at all.

Screen not working

Device starting but nothing displayed on the screen.

Headphones not working

When plugged in, no sound played though headphones.

Fan running constantly

As if device is very hot.

Will not complete boot

Either stuck on apply logo or flashing folder with question mark.

Screen very dim

Can just make out items on screen but unable to brighten.

Problem not listed? Contact Us.

You can find more on the signs of a bad logic board here.


In order to determine the cause of the problem, an assessment is carried out. An assessment fee is charged in order to provide you with an accurate quote for the repair required.

After assessment is carried out and a repair quote given, it is up to the customer if they wish to proceed with the repair.


Assessment – $40
Liquid Damaged Assessment – $90
Repair – Quoted

Laptop / Desktop

Assessment – $70
Liquid Damaged Assessment – $140
Repair – Quoted

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The team at Mac Ops are brilliant. Diego’s service went above and beyond expectation. The team performed diagnostic tests on my laptop free of charge, spent 15 minutes discussing my options to solve an issue, gave super advice to source cheaper and more long-term solutions, and were generally extremely helpful, patient and honest. I can’t recommend them enough.
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