Looking for iMac or Macbook Repairs in Queenstown?

Battery replacement, water damaged repairs, screen replacement, data recovery and more!
Thankful to have them in town for tech support!

Bevan and the team were so awesome fixing my Macbook screen! They were able to find a refurbished one to fit my 2011 model, no problem, and at a very reasonable cost. These guys are super knowledgeable, reliable and quick to diagnose any issues.

Erica Kutz

October, 2018

Amazing service. Had water damaged MacBook Pro and they offered many solutions to the problem. Always friendly and welcoming and the best computer repair shop I’ve visited. Highly recommend.
Nathan Crook

October, 2018

fast iphone repair

Same-day computer assessment

fast iphone repair

3 month warranty on all Macbook repairs

fast iphone repair

Loan Macbooks available

fast iphone repair

Apple independent repair specialists


Screen replacement


Battery replacement


Liquid damaged repairs


Data recovery


Insurance report


Macbook Air

Screen $850

Battery $180

Keyboard $350

Trackpad $200

Macbook Pro

Screen 13″ $300 / 15″ $350

Glass 13″ $220 / 15″ $240

Battery 13″ $170 / 15″ $180 / 17″ $200

Keyboard 13″ and 15″ $300 / 17″ $350

Trackpad 13″ $200 / 15″ $250 / 17″ 300

Hard Drive Hybrid 1TB $300 / 500GB $250

SATA cable 13″ $200 / 15″ and 17″ $250

RAM upgrade 8GB $250 / 16GB $350

Macbook Pro Retina

Screen 13″ $1200 / 15″ $1350

Battery 13″ $260 / 15″ $300

Keyboard $450

Trackpad $400

*All prices include fitting and GST

Want to upgrade your Mac?

We can upgrade the RAM and Hard Drive boosting your computer’s performance by up to 70%


If your device is cracked or experiencing issues, we understand that you will be anxious to get it running smoothly again. Mac Ops offers the highest-quality service in Queenstown. All Macbook repairs are completed in rapid time. This means you will get your device back usually within 3 to 5 hours.


Courier computer repairs
from any location in New Zealand.


1. Choose the repair you require


2. Make payment using paypal, credit card, or bank transfer


3. Print or write out a form and include it with your device when you courier it to our office in Queenstown.


4. We fix your computer and free courier it back to you on the same day we receive it.

*Clear instructions are included once you have placed an order.

Independent Repairs

We are a specialised independent service and repair business based in Queenstown. We help customers who need repairs from an independent service provider for Apple, Samsung and other smart device products. Repairs that are completed by Mac Ops will be provided with a back to Mac Ops service warranty, however some repairs completed by us could potentially void any associated manufacturers warranty on devices. Mac Ops can facilitate in warranty manufacturer repairs for customers.