What is error 53?

An easy fix for Error 53 is now available.


Error 53 is a rare problem that affects some phones after a home button repair. There have recently been a lot of scare stories in the news about phones becoming unusable after a recent IOS update. This article should clear up some mis-information about Error 53, and offer easy instructions on how to resolve it.

Error 53 is caused by a fault in the fingerprint sensor in the home button. The home button is matched to your phone.  The Error 53 issue occurs if the home button has been replaced or damaged.

How to fix Error 53

Apple has now recognised this issue and released a fix in IOS 9.2.1.
If you do have the error 53 message, there is now an easy fix. Just connect it to iTunes and install the latest update to resolve this.
Apple has now released an offical statement and instructions.
You can read Apple’s statement here https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT205628

Why did Apple release an update that breaks your phone?

The update was not designed to intentionally break anyones phone. Apples main concern when creating the thumb print sensor was the security of your data. Within your phone you probably keep important data such as credit card details and keychain passwords. With inferior systems it is possible for your phone to be hacked and your information retrieved. One of the great things about IOS is its security. If you were able to connect a 3rd party piece of hardware to the home button connection, it could be possible to get around the encryption. By configuring the phone so that it only work with the original button, it helps to keep your private data secure.

Unfortunately potentially the home button could fail and need replacing. It became apparent in the last update creating panic and rumours all over the internet.

Error 53 home button

Am I likely to have this problem?

The issue only occurs on the 5S and newer. And then only if the home button is damaged. It is very rare for the home buttons to fail on these models. So it is unlikely many people will come across this problem.

Can you help repair this?

We can offer this repair in store.

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