iPhones, iPads and Macbooks all use lithium ion batteries. Depending on use these are normally good for 2-3 years.

There are a few tips for extending battery life on your iPhone, iPad or Macbook:

  1. Close any apps that you are not using. On an ipad or iphone you can double tap the home button to see what is currently running. On a macbook the items in the dock with a dot underneath are open. Command + click and choose Quit to close anything you are not using. You can also click on the battery logo at the top right to see if any apps are using a significant amount of power.
  2. Avoid extreme temperatures. You have probably noticed how your iphone goes flat quickly on the ski field. Batteries do not respond well to extreme temperatures. Eventually this can lead to a short battery life.
  3. Updates your OS and Apps. Often battery draining bugs are spotted by the developer and resolved by updates. Keeping your device up to date will keep it running at its most efficient.
  4. Roaming. iPhones and iPads that use use 3G/4G will keep hunting for signal when there is none. This uses more battery power than when there is a clear signal. If you are going driving or hiking into the wilderness. put your phone into flight mode while you are out of reception and your battery will last much long

For more information visit https://www.apple.com/batteries/

If you are still having trouble check our repair page for prices on new batteries.