Tomorrow morning we will be able to see the new products announced in apples latest product release.



The main thing we are excited about as Apple enthusiasts is a release date for the Apple Watch. This watch links with your iphone and can give you access to most things you need on your wrist. Music, phone calls, calender events text messages etc.

At the same time it also has sensors for monitoring things like your heartbeat which then transmits the data to apples built in health app. Similar to devices like fitbit, combined with other fitness and health apps, you will be able to track your health in great detail.

This is a great move forward in wearable technology. When smartphones first came out new adopters felt self conscious pulling a screen out of there pocket and walking around stairing into thair phone. Now everyone does it, you dont feel so strange. But we are heading into a time where the mobile technology we now rely on will become more integrated into our daily life and yet less invasive.

G assThe google glass project was a great idea ahead of its time. However, the majority of people feel weird wearing strange glasses on their head and talking to to themselves.




A watch is a great alternative. Eventually I believe items like the Microsoft Hololens will replace smart phones but this is still years away from general adoption and the watch is a great way to put your phone away without feeling disconnected from the internet.


Other items expected to be announced are retina display macbook air models and possibly even news about the rumoured 12″ ipad.

Watch the event here:

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