3D printers


Imagine a world where you order a product and it materialises in your house instantly.

Science fiction?

This is the future provided by 3D printers.


Currently the machines are expensive and reasonably slow.

The same used to be true of colour inkjet printers and early scanners.

These days technology improves exponentially every year.


In a few years we should expect to order a product and print it immediately.

No courier and no delay.

Since you will already have the materials in the printer, the only cost to you will be the design.


Voxel8's printer can print circuitboards

Voxel8’s printer can print circuit boards


Circuit boards can now be printed. Lithium batteries too. Moving parts have been common for years.

NASA prints pizzas in space for its astronauts.



For New Zealand this will be a great.

No more expensive shipping fees and import taxes.

Products designed around the world will be available.

New Zealand based designers will have a global market


The future for consumers and independent manufacturers looks bright


The pictures on this post are courtesy of:

cubify 3D printer

voxel8 3D printed circuit boards