Gigastone 7500mAh Power Bank

$80.00 incl GST

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Unrivalled quality power bank from Gigastone – one of the largest global brands in memory and power products
7500mAh battery pack using the highest quality, fully certified, fully tested, lithium polymer batteries
Pocket sized and lightweight
Power status LED indicator. Product has dual outputs – 1A and 2A so that is can charge all phones, smartphones, tablets and other portable devices
Power surge and overheating protection.

This Gigastone power bank has 7500mAh capacity allowing it to recharge, for example, an iPhone 5 at least 3 times fully on a single charge. It also features a range of LED indicators that show the charge remaining in the product. It’s dual 2A and 1A outputs are perfect for charging (at full speed) all phones, smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. The product is ULTRA THIN, lightweight, has a smooth finish and is comfortable in hand. It is also a great size for a handbag, glove compartment, etc. It comes with a USB to micro USB cable that be be used to either charge other products or to charge the power bank itself.