Motherboard repair in Queenstown

iPhone, Macbook, iMac, laptop, iPad and pretty much any other smart device
Some customer experiences make you like a whole town more.

I had a simple problem and my brief experience with them was that they were very knowledgeable and genuine, good staff. Their office and public area had an Apple-style look and professionalism. I’d recommend them as the first place to call if you needed computer help in Queenstown.

Greg Alexander

Do you know Mac Ops can help when your phone and or computer has suffered a major set back and other repairers have said not to bother and/or buy a new one?

We can try to save the device and save you this massive inconvenience.

Our business is to fix and repair electronics and keep customers connected, operating and recover data like photos, contacts, and notes.

We provide Mainboard repairs throughout NZ where we use repair techniques on electronic devices when the device manufacturer and/or other electronic repairers have said it is not fixable!

Your computer of phone may have suffered one of these issues and we can help:


Not powering up when charging


Dead computers / phones


Extremely slow boot up process on computers

which is not related to Ram and or hard drive.


Data recovery of critical files

when the device has received severe damage.


iPhones stuck on the Apple logo

on boot up and will not progress.


Phone suggesting water is in the charging port

Samsung or Huawei phone won’t charge with cable.


Graphics card failures on computers

Computer is slow to boot up.


Lost keyboard connections


Phone keeps switching off

even when the battery is new or in good health.


No audio from phone earpiece

even though no drop damage.


Liquid damage which has meant the computer/phone will not turn on

but you would like your data from it.

We can help

We will assess what the main cause of the issue is and provide a Quote to Repair. We charge mainboard repairs only when successful so if we cant fix after the assessment you will not pay for the repair.

How We Help

We do need to complete an Assessment first – the price of this ranges:
Phones from $40
Computers from $70
Liquid damaged computer from $140

Once assessed we will provide a price to proceed on repair needed. Customers can decide to not proceed at this point.

If we proceed and are successful with the repair the customer pays the quoted price. If we are not successful then there is no additional charge.

Information to be aware of

We may need to disassemble your device in order to repair and to get data. We may need to remove housing and parts.

Data recovery is not 100% achievable – however we do have a very high percentage of success.

Liquid damage device repairs can not be provided any warranty and or guarantee post successful repair due to nature of corrosion and additional damage being out of our control.

For Mainboard Power Management repairs we always recommend for customer to review their chargers.

Mac Ops may need to use 3rd party repairers to facilitate the customer outcome and or request.

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Independent repair specialists

Independent Repairs

We are a specialised independent service and repair business based in Queenstown. We help customers who need repairs from an independent service provider for Apple, Samsung and other smart device products. Repairs that are completed by Mac Ops will be provided with a back to Mac Ops service warranty, however some repairs completed by us could potentially void any associated manufacturers warranty on devices. Mac Ops can facilitate in warranty manufacturer repairs for customers.