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Mac Ops Business Email Solutions

We provide a high quality email service prioritising security and reliability.

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Every company ought to have its own domain name, both for its web site and its email, because it identifies you on the internet and lets your customers know that you take your business seriously. With our email hosting solution you can easily set up email accounts

Spam and virus protection

Our email hosting utilizes a unique combination of virus and spam filters to keep your account free from malicious or unsolicited email. Our intelligent spam filter learns by your actions and becomes increasingly adept at catching spam before it reaches your Inbox.

Fully Synchronised Email.

Your emails are all hosted on our secure server and the synchronised with your computer and smartphone using IMAP technology.

By using IMAP all of your email (sent and received) will be synchronised and whichever device you access it from all of your email will be available and synchronised. This includes flagged messages, replied/forwarded status and your entire folder structure.

If you receive and reply to an email on your phone, the next time you check your computer you will see the email is read and the reply in your sent items.

Security and Reliability

Your data is stored in a high-security facility with redundant networks and power, and multiple layers of backup. Your email is protected by Norway’s strong privacy legislation and consumer rights, ensuring that no one but you can access your data. Free email services make their money from collecting information about you to sell to online advertisers. They offer no support and are prime targets for hacking.

Personal support

Our email subscriptions include free support from our Queenstown based technicians. We know how important email is to your business and we’re ready to help with any problem or question you might have.

Main Account

Your first account you set up with us is your Main account and will administer any additional accounts you might need. Any special features such as email hosting and web hosting will also be attached to this account.

Additional accounts

Additional email addresses for the same domain name will be charged at a discounted rate.


Each account an have up to 5 email aliases. An alias is an additional email address you can use with the same account. For instance, if you were to have info@ as an alias of user@, all emails sent to info@ would appear in user@’s inbox. Replies would come from user@

Main Account Pricing

Additional Account Pricing

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