Lifeproof Nuud: iPhone 6 Plus

$160.00 incl GST



Primed for the permafrost
There’s always some snow somewhere. And NÜÜD for iPhone 6 Plus is ready to travel as far as it takes to find it. From Alaskan glaciers to New Zealand slopes, NÜÜD is pumped for the pow pow.

Engineered for any environment.
There are summits to conquer, surf breaks to master and slopes to tame. And, nüüd keeps you connected and protected each muddy, waterlogged, snowy step of the way.

Screenless design lets you touch the actual Retina display
Thin, light and tough all-protective case
nüüd waterproof iPhone 6 Plus case works with Touch ID
Slim, sleek profile follows iPhone’s precision lines
Complete access to all buttons, ports and controls
Dynamic speaker ports deliver maximum sound output and clarity
Optimal protection, durability and style
Waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof and shockproof
Anti-reflective optical glass lens for distortion-free photography
Remains waterproof even when using headphones

Defying all limits
Apple pushed the technological limits with their plus-sized iPhone 6 Plus. We pushed even further by making it waterproof and shockproof. Take it on the wildest adventures without worry.

With nüüd’s screenless technology, nothing stands between you and that 5.5” Retina display. Tight seals lock out the elements on this iPhone 6 Plus waterproof case, so you can be in the fray and still touch your display.
Compact without compromise
Made to the absolute minimal size, LifeProof nüüd iPhone 6 Plus case keeps your phone fitting comfortable in your hand. And, the custom design leaves all of iPhone’s features fully functional, from Touch ID to volume control.

Capture the sights. Blast the sounds.
Taking victory pics are all part of the adventure. So, this iPhone 6 Plus case from LifeProof uses an anti-reflective optical glass lens for distortion-free photography. And, its Sound Enhancement System lets you bump your beats at full volume.

Water Test
All cases are factory water tested.
Then random units undergo additional independent inspection, including a 2nd water test. Cases that pass are shipped. Cases that fail are scrapped. You can be certain your new LifeProof case is leak free. We made sure of it!

Military Standard 810G-516.6
The U.S. Military Standard for drop and shock protection. It requires that your LifeProof case physically withstand the drops, fumbles, vibrations and bumps you encounter day to day.
LifeProof helps your device survive this most common cause of damage.
The international standard for Ingress Protection (IP). 6 and 8 are the highest ratings for solids and liquids. IP-68 rated cases withstand circulating talc for 8 hours
and water immersion to 6.6 ft / 2 m for 1 hr.
No doubt about it. Your new LifeProof case keeps water, dirt, dust and snow out.