IT Support and training

Your Queenstown-based team of dedicated IT technicians

Mac Ops support our customers with a wide range of services that are required to keep your IT devices performing effectively and accurately. From technical support to virus removal and or operating systems installations, we can help increase your productivity, reduce downtime and enhance user satisfaction of either smartphones and or computers. We specialise in Apple products.

We can provide support of system clean ups, Windows software and Office configurations for Mac computers, Icloud training, configuration set up and general IT consultation.


This varies per customer situation, however this could mean email support, storage management, calendar synching and general questions about how to complete various functions on Smartphone and Device. We can help!

We provide support to review, isolate, remove and recover your system from various software threats.

  • Malware
  • Trojan
  • Phishing
  • Anti virus
  • Pop ups (websites)

We check current operating system functionality and can install or update your system to the best available operating system for Apple. If your data is critical, we complete a data back up prior to updating your operating system so we reduce potential of losing data during the update process.

Mac users can still enjoy the benefits of Windows based software (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) on iMac and MacBooks. We can also assist users needing “Parrallels” and or “Partitions” between Windows and Mac profiles.

iCloud is a hugely valuable cloud service for users, that can provide increased data thresholds and management offering redundancy of your data (photo’s documents, contacts, emails) independent to your Apple devices.

3 types of support platforms

At Mac Ops

Come on in!

Need an appointment to solve a software related issue? You can now book a time with one of our IT specialists in Queenstown.

At Your Place

Convenience at your fingertips!

Delivering on-site coverage anywhere in the Queenstown region, our Support team will come to you and help with sofware related issues.

Remote Service

Supporting you via internet

We provide remote support for our clients anywhere in New Zealand. Just book a call and we will securely connect to your computer and start troubleshooting problems.

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